Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Food Diaries

I have really been thinking about weight and health and issues that I personally have had with food. My relationship with food has been a devastating downward spiral full of times when I am inappropriate and gorgeing myself and then in the past times when I purged to keep from gaining weight, all the while having no control over the relationship that I was having with food. I thought that maybe being accountable and writing about my realtionship with food and explaining what I was doing would help me to be more healthy and a better person all around.

So this is going to be that space. Where I can write about my menu planning, grocery shopping, temptations, recipes and all in all what I am eating and how it is affecting my mood and my personal stability.

Oh and I have long wondered about the persistent migraines that I have and if they have had some relationship with the foods that I am eating. So I am going vegetarian, yep no more poultry, beef, pork or other meats, just fish, seafood and other healthy foods. This is also where I will write about the times when I am craving things like fried!! It won't happen too often but when it does at least I will have a place to go!

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  1. I get migraines from food as well. I am allergic to bacon, but I know you don't eat that. I also get migraines from preservatives, and have been told not to eat liver or gizzards (not that I would). Hope that helps.